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Drain Cleaner Sticks Sink Deodorizer Clog Remover Organic Enzyme Drain Cleaner Septic Tank Safe Prevent Expensive Sewage Backups for Kitchen Bathroom Toilet Showers

Achieve a fresh odor drain and avoid odor with odor drain cleaning stick, a non-toxic, affordable, user-friendly method to effectively prevent clogging, eliminate unpleasant odor, as well as stop clogging backup and improve water flow in the drain. Easy to use, low cost.


Biodegradable and natural

it comes from natural resources, and is environmentally friendly. It is suitable for all types of drainage pipes, pipes and septic tanks. It slowly releases a mixture of enzymes that break down food, fat, hair and other organic matter to prevent clogging. Very suitable for kitchen sink, dressing table, bathtub, toilet, shower, etc.


One per month

only one cleaning stick and 6.3-inch organic enzyme strip are needed for each drainage pipe. Once used, these enzyme drainage cleaners can remain effective as long as they work for a month. Keep your kitchen and bathroom well drained.

Save hundreds of dollars

drain cleaning sticks will certainly help reduce pipeline costs in a simple, hygienic, but effective way. Bid farewell to the high cost of pipelines and the trouble of using snakes or other equipment. For just a few dollars, you can get a great clog remover and three odor deodorants to help clear the sewers and make your house look brand new.


Non toxic drainage cleaning stick

Just insert a stick into each drainage pipe, it will dissolve with water for a long time, slowly release a mixture of enzymes, decompose food, grease, hair and other organic substances, and prevent blockage. The water pipe work can be completed almost by hand without using snakes or other devices.

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