Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design

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Item No.:OLF4001

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The unique 4-step heavy duty graduated suction cup fits safely in all toilet outlets of different types and sizes

Light weight, anti rust, anti mildew aluminum handle, with pin hole, easy to hang

The super flexible and durable rubber cup creates an ultra tight seal for commercial or residential drains from all angles

Special cup designs never flip back and get stuck like other comparative plungers

Smooth edge and bottom design, no internal ridge to prevent toilet water residue

Perfect for any bathroom

Reliable quality

Don't worry about the quality after repeated use. Our plunger is made of high quality materials, from handle to rubber sucker.

The super soft and durable rubber cup forms a super tight seal around the drain. Work confidently, knowing that the plunger cup will never turn over or keep any unsanitary water in it.


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