How to store cleaning tools?

In order to clean the house, we have many cleaning tools at home, but there are more and more cleaning tools, especially large cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners and mops. How can we save time and land? Next, we can take a look at these specific storage methods.

1. Wall storage method

Cleaning tools do not directly to the wall, even if a storage, good use of wall space, but also increase storage space.

When using the wall to store cleaning tools, we can choose a free area of the wall, which does not hinder our daily activities and is convenient for us to use. We can install a storage rack on the wall to hang up cleaning tools such as mops and brooms, so as to reduce the floor area.

In addition to the hook type storage rack, we can also use this kind of storage clip that can be installed without drilling. It will not damage the wall, but also better store long strip cleaning tools such as mops. In humid spaces such as the bathroom, the installation of storage clip is more convenient for mops to dry and prevent the breeding of bacteria.

2. Storage in fragmented space

There are a lot of big and small places in the house that are empty and can’t be used? It can be used to store cleaning tools, such as:

The gap between refrigerator and wall

This single wall mounted storage clip is very simple to install, and the design of hole free installation will not damage the wall space, most of the fragmented space can be easily placed, and it is installed in the gap of the refrigerator without pressure.

The corner of the wall

The corner of the wall is easy to be ignored by us. It’s a good way to store large cleaning tools!

Space behind the door

Post time: Apr-27-2021