How to use the mop bucket?

What are the advantages of mop bucket?

Mop bucket is a cleaning tool composed of mop and cleaning bucket. Its obvious advantage is that it can be dehydrated automatically and placed freely. Automatic dehydration doesn’t mean that you can dehydrate by yourself without any force. You still need to dehydrate by hand (there is a push-pull button above the mop) or by foot (there is a pedal below the cleaning bucket). Of course, this operation is very labor-saving. Free placement means that after using the mop, it can be directly placed in the water throwing basket in the bucket, which is very convenient to use and saves space.

How to use the mop bucket?

1. Installation of mop bucket

Generally, we need to install the mops and cleaning buckets in the mops we buy. When we open the package, we will see a number of small mops, connecting parts, chassis and cloth pan, as well as a large cleaning bucket and water splashing blue. First of all, let’s talk about the installation of the mop. First, connect the mop rod in turn, and then connect the mop rod and the chassis with its own parts (T-type pins). Finally, align the chassis with the cloth plate, step flat and straighten it. When you hear a “click”, the mop is installed. Now, for the installation of the cleaning bucket, align the water throwing basket with the cleaning bucket, and put down the water throwing basket vertically, Make the bayonets on both sides of the water throwing basket stuck at the edge of the bucket, that is, the whole mop bucket is installed.

2. Use of mop bucket

First, put a proper amount of water on the cleaning bucket, open the clip on the mop, then put it in the water throwing basket, press the button of the mop bucket by hand or step on the pedal of the cleaning bucket to dehydrate, finally close the clip on the mop, and then you can easily mop the floor. After using the mop, just repeat the above steps to clean the mop, and finally put it on the water throwing basket.

Post time: Apr-27-2021