This magic spray mop, that is, drag and dry, do not bend over, do not dirty hands!

No matter how tired, back to a clean and warm home;

Always feel so comfortable! Suddenly as if reborn!

In the past, when I was at home, the housework was basically contracted by my mother; Now come out to work alone, just feel my mother’s “great”.

Sometimes it’s not that I don’t want to clean, but the traditional mop is too laborious, time-consuming and dirty!

If you live alone, you can’t do anything by yourself!

Two people can also win or lose, turn!

“Dirty”, “tired” and “time-consuming” are the obstacles of modern housework, but many small partners have to endure the pain silently, or endure the messy environment.

Super clean spray mop is definitely the Saviour of little buddy!

You don’t have to bend down to save time and effort

The traditional mop needs multi angle force, which is not easy for the elderly and children to operate; Long time use is easy to cause shoulder pain or accidental sprain!

The ultra clean spray mop can be operated by one hand, without stooping, standing on the side to play the king’s pesticide, and easily mop the floor.

It is designed according to artificial mechanics. The handle is lengthened without bending and multi-point power system. It is easy to press lightly;

It can also be 360 ° Rotating, easy to clean the dead corner of the room;

Not only can it be used to clean the floor, but also can be used to clean the glass safely at high altitude!

Don’t touch your hands with water

In the painful impression of many small partners, cleaning a health, always make the face gray and sweating;

With the ultra clean spray mop, it’s completely different!

In the whole cleaning process, you don’t need to change the water and screw the mop. You can wet the floor and remove the stains with one click!

It’s hard to fall down when you’re dragging and working

Now most of the floors are ceramic tile or wooden floor, the surface is not dry, it is easy to let people slip accidentally, the elderly and children are attracted more;

This kind of accidents are also reported in the news. Why don’t we change the accidents that could have been avoided?!

Ultra clean spray mop can be atomized instantly, that is, dry cleaning without stain, and suitable for all floors on the market.

Post time: Apr-27-2021